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Snowflake Editions, Releases, and Features

Written by Dylan Powell on December 27, 2023

Snowflake’s platform stands out in the data warehousing landscape with its suite of editions, continuous releases, and comprehensive features. Each edition is tailored to specific organizational needs, while regular releases ensure the platform remains cutting-edge. Let’s dive into what Snowflake offers.

Snowflake Editions

Snowflake’s range of editions caters to various organizational needs, scaling up in features and services from the Standard Edition to the Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS). Each edition builds on the last, offering more specialized features and higher service levels, ensuring a smooth transition as your organization grows.

Overview of Editions:

Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Business Critical Edition

Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS)

Note on Editions:

Snowflake Releases

Snowflake is committed to innovation and regularly updates its services through weekly releases. These updates, which include new features, enhancements, and fixes, are deployed seamlessly without service disruption.

Release Types:

Full Release

Patch Release

Behavior Changes

Pre-release Testing

Snowflake Features

Snowflake offers a broad array of features, ensuring robust security, governance, and data protection. Its support for standard and extended SQL, coupled with various tools and interfaces, makes it a versatile platform for diverse data needs.

Security, Governance, and Data Protection

SQL Support

Tools and Interfaces

Apps and Extensibility


Data Import and Export

Data Sharing

Replication and Failover

FAQ: Snowflake Editions and Features

  1. What are the different Snowflake editions available? Snowflake offers several editions: Standard, Enterprise, Business Critical, and Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS), each with increasing levels of features and services.

  2. How do Snowflake releases work? Snowflake conducts weekly releases, including full releases with new features and enhancements, and patch releases primarily for fixes. They also introduce behavior changes monthly for user testing and adaptation.

  3. What key features does Snowflake provide? Snowflake’s features encompass security, data protection, extensive SQL support, various tools and interfaces, apps and extensibility, robust connectivity options, and comprehensive data import/export capabilities.

  4. Can I choose where my data is stored in Snowflake? Yes, Snowflake allows users to select the geographical location for data storage based on regional needs.

  5. Does Snowflake support data sharing? Snowflake enables secure data sharing between different Snowflake accounts, enhancing collaboration and data accessibility.

Snowflake’s offerings, from its varied editions to regular updates and extensive features, make it a comprehensive, adaptable solution for modern data warehousing and analytics needs.