About Me

Who is Dylan Powell?

A little bit about me and what Im trying to accomplish with this site.

Hi, I'm Dylan.

For the past decade I've worked in various data & analytics roles in the investment management industry. Over the past two years, I've specialized in using Snowflake, a cutting-edge cloud data platform, and I earned the SnowPro Core Certification. My passion for data technology led me to create SNOWSTORM.DEV, a platform where I aim to deepen my mastery of Snowflake while sharing my knowledge with those beginning their journey in data cloud technology.

My professional path is driven by a commitment to continuous learning and growth in modern technology and business skills, particularly within the rapidly growing creator economy. By teaching Snowflake fundamentals, I not only solidify my own understanding of Snowflake but also provide valuable, accessible learning resources for others who are looking to get started.

For more insights into my journey, expertise, and what I'm working on, please visit www.powell.ai or subscribe to the newsletter below.